Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam {Real Or Fake}, iphone 15 Whatsapp Offer

Did you see the offer of Tanishq Navratri Gift on your whatsapp or other social media messenger? If yes, Then surely you are confused about this offer, is it real or fake? So the straight answer is it’s a completely scam or fake offer.

Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam {Real Or Fake}, iphone 15 Whatsapp Offer

Tanishq is a very well known brand in india for its high quality and expensive products. If the brand launches some offers, customers get attracted easily. Same thing happening on before the navratri festival days.

Many users get the link of free iphone 15 mobile by tanishq. But it’s a far different link from the official tanishq website. So security experts easily find out the link is unauthorised.

Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam (Is Real Or Fake)

The Tanishq brand is delivering a Navratri gift to all of its customers by sending a direct link through a WhatsApp message as the festival season approaches. According to what was read from online pages, the new Diwali and Navratri sales Tanishq is giving away a free iPhone 15 to their consumers.

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However, is this news real or fake? We shall discuss this topic today. The Tanishq is providing a link on WhatsApp through which you may fill out this form with all of your information and then reserve an iPhone. Since this information was released yesterday, everyone in India is looking for Tanishq iPhone 15 Scam or real.

What Is Inside Reality?

Our cyber specialists claim that this URL has a virus and may be a scam where criminals may be after your money, personal information, or other things.

When we look up the link’s address. We discovered that it isn’t from the Tanishq website. The message’s mentioned link is dubious. Also company says, We never shared any link for bank account details.

Even worse, hackers can exploit it to infect your computer or phone with malware. Report it as a scam to Whatsapp and block the number if you receive a message from it.

So be aware of this kind of fake links. Always do check the url, if you found the official website of main brand, Then it will be fine.

Documents For iPhone 15

Some users did click on fake link and they found the requirement of 5 main documents for successfully iphone booking.

  • Personal Information
  • Address And Pincode
  • Gift Coupon Or Card
  • Bank Account Details
  • Online Payment Info

If we complete every process of the document, But still nothing will get. Because that site owners wants only some important information and data by users.

Tanishq iphone 15 Offer Whatsapp Message

If you don’t know about the fake link, Then you wondered how the message looks like? So offer message is something like this.

Hello, We are tanishq and we are happy to inform you that you can get free iphone 15 by us. The navratri festival days are coming and we decided to celebrate this festival with lots of smiles. That’s why we are giving free iphone 15 to our limited customers. For getting it, fill up the form from the given link.

Tanishq Offers For Navratri 2023

If you want to buy some gold or silver jewellery from tanishq company. The brand has some really good offers for their customers. Like instant discount, lowest price or EMI payment offers.

On every major indian festival brand comes with good offers. As same for navratri brand has some special offers. So what is the offer and how can we collect it? For new offers, simply visit the tanishq store or thier website.

Hopefully you get the answer of Tanishq navratri gift scam. Please share this helpful post with your friends.


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