इंस्टाग्राम पर एक लड़की के पिक्स में बहुत ज्यादा कमैंट्स आते है। ऐसे में हमारे पास Best Comments For Girls होगा। तो ही वो सबसे अलग और अच्छा दिखेगा।

350+ Best Comments For Girls Pic On Instagram [2024]

ज्यादातर लड़कियां अपनी फोटो या वीडियोस पर मिलने वाले कमैंट्स पढ़ना पसंद करती है। यदि उसमे से कोई कमेंट अच्छा लगता है तो वो उसका रीप्ले भी करती है।

Statisa की रिपोर्ट अनुसार इंस्टाग्राम पर 48.2% Female Users है। इसमें से 50% यूजर महीने में कही बार अपने अकाउंट पर फोटो पोस्ट करती है। इन फोटोज पर कमेंट कर के उन्हें इम्प्रेस करना है तो यह पोस्ट आपके काम की है।

350+ Best Comments For Girls Pic

किसी भी लड़की की फोटो पर कमेंट करने से पहले कुछ खास बातों को जरूर ध्यान में रखे। जैसे,

बस इन 4 महत्वपूर्ण बातों को ध्यान में रखते हुए आपने निचे बताये कमेंट किये। तो समझो लड़की को वो अच्छा लगेगा और आपको भी ख़ुशी मिलेगी।

(1) Beautiful Comments For Girls Picture

I now believe that natural beauty exists !
How you manage to be so beautiful.
Would you please stop looking gorgeous all the time?
You look beautiful and confident.
It is hard to translate your beauty into words !
How can anyone be this beautiful?
Your cute looks leave me crazy all the time !
I wish I could like this photo more than once !
You are a glorious mess that keeps my smile on.
Flowers wither, but your beauty is here to stay !
You look super sexy and stunningly beautiful.
You are a complete package of beauty !
You look amazingly beautiful as anyone can ever be.
Beauty Is Your Most Endearing Trait !
This Photo Is Making My Day Brighter.

(2) Impressive Comments For Girl

How Always So Beautiful !
You’re an exceptionally wondrous and marvellous girl.
This Picture Is A True Gem !
My keyboard is short of letters to define your beauty.
After this pic, boys will die for you !
Natural beauty with a brilliant heart.
Mesmerizing treasury house of beauty !
Your plausible beauty deserves more than likes and comments.
We all are favoured to see your magnificence.
Ordinary people get old, but you are becoming more beautiful !
You’re an incredibly stunning and beautiful woman.
You have got such a perfect smile !
I wonder how cute you would be looking when you sleep.
Your smile is fair enchanted and magnificent !
You are the sweetest girl I have ever seen.

(3) Best Comments For Girls Pic

You Are Such A Natural Beauty ❤️
You Are Really Beautiful 💖
Your Beauty Has No Boundaries☝️
Probably the next miss world 💖
Simply Iconic, I’m In Love! 😍
This Picture Is My Favorite 😁
I love the way you pose 💖
I Am In Love With Your Lovely Smile 😍
I just can’t stop wondering about you ❤️
You Are Absolutely Stunning In This Photo 😊
I can’t get my eyes off this pic 😍
God Made You Very Leisurely 😉
How are you always so perfect?
Wow! You Are Such A Beauty Queen 👑
Classy shot and excellent background too.

(4) Cute Comment For Girl Picture

Cuteness overloaded !
Best cute girl ever !
Forever A Beauty Icon !
A girl with cuteness and intelligence !
You Are The Light In The Darkness.
I think it is illegal to look this beautiful.
You Look Super Cute !
You have to pay tax for your cuteness !
Your Teeth Are Brighter Than My Future.
Divinely gorgeous all the way !
With such beauty, you can break all limits.
Impressive pictures and profile !
Natural beauty with a golden heart.
You Are Stylish Gorgeous girl !
You are Just an icon of beauty.
Cute Lips With A Cute Smile !

(5) Best Comments For Girlfriend Pic

This Girl Is Mine !
Baby, you are looking gorgeous !
Your new look is fantastic !
Love Your Style And Look Dear.
You are simply adorable !
I’m So Lucky To Have You In My Life !
Your eyes are as bright as the stars.
Your Smile Is My Life !
What an extraordinary woman you are !
You Live In My Heart !
Nothing can ever replace you in my heart.
In Love With All Your Posts !
In your most natural state, you are stunning.
This Picture Is Worth A Million Words !
Perfection has nothing on you; you are simply stunning.
Your appearance is simply refreshing !
You are stunning, even without makeup.

(6) Cool Comments For Girls

You look so cool !
You look very healthy and cool.
You Are The Most Perfect You There Is.
I never seen these type of cool pic !
I Am Not In A Hurry To Scroll Anymore.
Your sense of fashion is amazing !
Gorgeous Total Queen Vibes !
This is beyond amazing !
Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Seen.
You are the eye candy of a camera.
No hot no cool, you are just amazing !
How cool is you !
Calm and cool girl of instagram.
This is called a perfect shot !
You are on advance level of coolness.

(7) Best Comments For Girls Photo

You have lovely, animated eyes !
Such beautiful eyes you got.
The way you smile radiates joy !
Your Smile Lights Up The Whole Picture.
Such a beauty inside and out !
I Like The Way You Are.
Beauty is part of your true colours !
I’m Blown Away By How These Look.
You are the hotspot of beauty and cute curves.
Beauty is meaningless without that bright smile.
Definitely an angel on the planet !
How can I define the word beauty without you.
Your beauty flows with a flawless sensation.
Your teeth as whiter than snow !
Elegance at its best in a mesmerizing pretty girl.
Your eyes are so enchanting !
What a golden halo hair.

(8) Short Comments On Girls Pic

Hello Miss World !
You are awesome
Nice Picture! I Love It !
OH…Cutiepie !
You Are Wonderful !
Flawless beautiful
You Smell Like Heaven !
Awesome picture
This Is So Pretty !
You’re Too Pretty.
I become your fan
Hey, Dream Girl !
I can’t scroll…
I like your expressions
Incredibly attractive
Keep smiling !
I love your vibes
Million-dollar smile !

(9) Best One Word Comments For Girls

Beautiful Nice
Amazing Gorgeous
Excellent Fantastic
Awesome Wow
Lovely Cutiepie
Innocent Stylish
Perfect Classy
Pretty Outstanding
Cool Hottest
Princess Fashionable
Marvelous Wonderful
Charming Irresistible
Crazy Super
Shine Adorable
Like Love
Blessed Brilliant
Colourful Confident
Energetic Fabulous
Genius Fire
Prettiest Smart

(10) Comments For Girls With Emoji

Wow, you look beautiful 😘
💓 Beautiful Girl 💓
Pro Girl On Instagram 😍
This picture is Super👌
Your hair looks stunning🔥
Love this look on U 😍
😲 Wooow 👉You look very cute 👩
I like your Awesome style 😎
Very Very Stylish Look 😍
Awesome as always ❤️
mpressive picture 🥰
Looking Very Cute 😁
💝Best On Instagram💞
My everyday crush 😍
🤫 Who Is This Cute Baby 🥰
The reason why i smile 😁
💓 You look like a Dreeeem 😴
U are looking Sooooo cute🤩

(11) Stylish Comments For Girls

😎 You r very sweet …..i like it !….🤩
Your face is natural beauty 😍
Your appearance makes instagram better place 🤗
😁 You Have A Really Great 🤩 Sense Of Fashion 😎
🙂 When I See Your Photo 📸 I Keep Looking 🤩
😎 You Load A Great Picture ❤️ In Yours Instagram 😘
🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻
🌻 So Sweet 🌻
🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻
❤️Superb Pic ❤️
🌷Looking Cute🌷
💕 LOvely💕
🤩 Excellent 🤩
💥 Fantastic 💥
👍 Super I Like 👍
💜 Looking Cute 💜

(12) Best Comment For Girls In Hindi

Aap Mere Sapno Ki Rani Jaise Lagte Ho !
Aap Bahut Beautiful Ho !
Sapno Me Aane Wali Ladki.
Yakin nahi ho raha, koi itna bhi sundar hai !
Bahut Khubsurat Pic Dear.
Ye pari instagram par kaise aa gayi !
Aap Sach Me Bahut Khubsurat Ho.
Itni pyaari smile, dil aa gaya mera !
Bahut Cute Lag Rahi Ho.
Tareef Karu Kya Uski Jisne Tumhe Banaya !
Aap Konsa Sabun Use Karte Ho?
Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya !
God ne tumhe kaafi fursat se banaya hai.
Pagli Tu To Heroin He Heroin !
Aayee…Hayeee….Kitni cute lag rahi ho.

(13) Creative Comments For Girls Pic

💙Aa Gayi Queen💙
💙 Awesome 💙
💙 Pics Le Kar 💙
🍀So Cute & Lovely🍀
🍀 Mast Pics 🍀
🎀🍀The Pro🍀🎀
🎀🎀 Pics 🎀🎀
🍁Are Yaar🍁
🍁 Aisa Pics🍁
🍁 Aaj Tak 🍁
🍁Nahi Dekha🍁
💙 Mast Pics 💙
🍀 Beautiful Girl 🍀
🍀 Cute Girl On🍀
🍀🌺 Fb, Insta🌺🍀
🍀Wow Nice Pics🍀
🍀🌺 🌺 🌺🍀
🍀 💙 Really Cute 🍀
🍀🌺Super Pics🌺🍀
🍁 Cute Girl🍁
🍁 You Are 🍁
❤ 🌷🌷🌷 ❤
🍁 Nice Pics 🍁
🌻🌹Really Beautiful🌹🌻
🌻🌹Awesome Pics 🌹🌻
🌷Wow, You Look Beautiful🌷
🍁Beautiful 🍁
🍁 Cute 🍁
🍁 Sweet 🍁
💙My Friend💙
🌷Really Awesome🌷
🌷 Looking Sunshine 🌷
😍 Your Smile. Very Lovely 😍
💚 The Insta Queen 💚
😉 The Killer Girl On Insta😉
🌻 You Are Simple. I Like That 🌻

(14) Funny Comments For Girls

You look like a colourful bird !
The best pic I have seen in a while.
You are hot enough to beat the winter !
You define sweetness with your hotshot.
Wondrous girl with terrific impressions !
You are a top cream beauty with candy eyes.
You are a heaven sent sunbeam !
Your charming smile can overcome physical pain.
Is this you? Or AI generated beautiful image !
I cannot wait to meet you in person.
Dope pic, the best I have seen so far !
The pic is on another level of beauty.
You are always top on my instagram feed !
A treasure house of beauty and hotness.
Are you a parking ticket? Because you look so nice !

(15) Instagram Comments For Girls Pic

It is hard to translate your beauty into words !
How can somebody be this beautiful?
You kind of girl that was i met on my dream !
Dazzling and impressive queen.
We all are favoured to see your magnificence !
Your smile is fair enchanted and magnificent.
Your dressing sense is appreciable !
The perfect fashion influencer on instagram.
After your pic, instagram server getting down !
Even Beyonce would think this is prettier.
Thank you for clearing my eyes with this vibe of beauty.
You are unique and special girl !
Love the outfit, it suits you so well.
You have such a natural beauty that shines through in all your photos !
Your confidence and radiance are truly inspiring.

(16) Facebook Comments For Girls Pic

Love the outfit and your sense of style !
You have such a great smile, it always brightens up my day.
Looks like you had so much fun in this picture! I’m jealous !
The real queen of facebook.
After seeing you photo, i understood what is angel !
You have perfect beauty and attractive body.
Positivity comes out with your photos !
Every hollywood actresses is fail in front of you.
You are the real crush of every teenager boy !
Age is just number for you, You looking so young.
Simply elegant, passionate, and irresistible !
With such beauty, you can break all limits.
You need go jail, because of the you stolen thousonds of heart.
Your pic is a beauty that speaks louder than words !
One feels fresh at the sight of your beauty.

How To Write Best Comment To Impress Her

क्या आप अपने इंस्टाग्राम या फेसबुक कमेंट द्वारा लड़की को इम्प्रेस करना चाहते है? तो आपको अन्य लोगो की तुलना में सबसे ज्यादा अच्छा कमेंट लिखना होगा। जिसके लिए निचे बताये 5 टिप्स आपकी पूरी मदद करेंगे।

नोट : यदि लड़की को आपका कमेंट करना पसंद नहीं तो आप कृपया कर के कमेंट बंद कर दीजिये। क्यों की नापसंद चीज़े लगातार करने पर उन्हें परेशानी महसूस हो सकती है।

हमने पूरी कोशिश की है की आपको सबसे अच्छे इंस्टाग्राम कमैंट्स फॉर गर्ल्स मिले। यदि आपको यह पोस्ट अच्छी लगी हो तो अपने दोस्तों के साथ जरूर शेयर करे।

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