McDonald’s French Fries Price In India 2024 (Full Menu)

McDonald's French Fries Price In India 2023 (Full Menu)

Currently, McDonald’s French Fries price ranges between ₹60 to ₹120 in most of the MCD outlets in India. In which we get to see the price of French fries according to size and flavor.

McDonald's French Fries Price In India 2024 (Full Menu)

We get many types of food options in the menu of McDonald’s. In which Burgers and French fries are liked by most of the people. Both the foods are cheap in price and the taste is very awesome.

It’s important to remember that the cost of McDonald’s fries can change based on the availability and location. McDonald’s is the best option if you want to enjoy some delectable, crispy fries without spending a fortune.

So, go to the McDonald’s outlet closest to you and pick up a helping of these delicious fries at a fair price.

McDonald’s French Fries Price 2024

Here is the latest price list of McDonald’s French Fries In India.

Image French Fries Menu  Price
Mcd Fries Regular Mcd Fries Regular Rs.65
Mcd Fries Medium Mcd Fries Medium Rs.95
Mcd Fries Large Mcd Fries Large Rs.112
Mexican Cheesy Fries Mexican Cheesy Fries Rs.120
Piri Piri French Fries Piri Piri French Fries Rs.128

In the above list you can see that McDonald’s French Fries are available in 3 main sizes and 2 flavours. Customers like to order these French fries as per their requirement.

Best MCD Combos With French Fries

If you are very hungry then just eating French fries will not help. In such a situation, if you want, you can try McDonald’s Combo Meal. In which one can eat many things along with French fries.

Also, when we buy combo, we have to pay less money under good offers. So here is the Best combo options with your favorite french fries.

Image Menu Items (Combo) Price
McSaver McVeggie Meal McSaver McVeggie Meal Rs.235
McDonald's Deals Price 1 2 McAloo Tikki + 2 Fries Large Rs.295
McDonald's Deals Price 3 2 McVeggie + 2 McAloo Tikki + 2 Fries Medium + 2 Strawberry Shakes Rs.770
McDonald's Deals Price 4 McChicken + McVeggie + Fries Large + 2 Veg Pizza McPuff + Coke Medium Rs.390
McDonald's Deals Price 5 2 McVeggie + 2 American Cheese Supreme Veg + 2 Fries Large Rs.648

(1) McDonald’s French Fries – Regular

French fries are one of the most popular menu items in India. A regular order of McDonald’s French fries typically costs between Rs.65 to Rs.75 at most McDonald’s outlets across the country.

The regular size of french fries is good for one person. Many school and college going students prefer to eat this meal for normal hunger. With fries McAloo Tikki Burger is good combo meal.

(2) McDonald’s French Fries – Medium

A medium size order of McDonald’s French fries typically costs between Rs.90 to Rs.110 at most outlets across India. This medium serving size contains approximately 100 grams of fries, which is enough to comfortably feed 1-2 hungry people as a side snack.

While reasonably priced, the medium fries pack nearly 280+ calories per serving. So while it can satiate small group cravings, the medium size fries may not be the healthiest option for multiple people to share.

(3) McDonald’s French Fries – Large

McDonald’s large French fries are priced at Rs.110-130 across India. The 200 gram serving can feed 2-3 hungry people. But packs 450+ calories and 25 grams of fat per serving, so sharing is better for health.

While crave-worthy when hot and crisp, the large fries’ high sodium and fat content isn’t ideal nutrition, especially if split among fewer people. For group cravings, stick to a medium split between more people to balance satisfaction and health.

(4) MCD Mexican Cheesy French Fries

In 2022, McDonald’s brought Mexican Cheesy French Fries to India, with prices ranging from Rs.110 to Rs.130 depending on the area. In this version of the loaded fries, crispy fries from McDonald’s are topped with tacodilla strips, nacho crisps, chunky tomato salsa and gooey cheese sauce.

Although more decadent than the original, these cheesy fries have a distinct Tex-Mex flavor. But when compared to plain fries, the addition of cheese and sour cream dramatically raises the fat and sodium levels. Overall, it’s a tasty treat for cheese and spice fans.

(5) MCD Piri Piri French Fries Price

McDonald’s introduced Piri Piri French Fries in 2021, with prices ranging from Rs.120 to Rs.135 depending on the outlet. This hot version gives the traditional side a spicy zip by using the fast food chain’s characteristic crispy, fluffy fries that have been seasoned with piri piri spices and chili flakes.

Chili, paprika and garlic are combined in the piri piri seasoning to create a savory, mildly spicy flavor profile. While delicious, this loaded fries variation is a little less healthful than traditional fries due to the addition of oil and sodium from seasonings.

More About McDonald’s Fries Menu

Over the years, McDonald’s has grown to be a household name and a global leader in fast food. Their French fries are a staple for many clients and are one of their most popular menu items. Depending on the size of the fries you order, different McDonald’s fries cost different amounts in India.

McDonald’s is presently charging ₹65 for small fries and ₹95 for medium fries. The price of McDonald’s large fries, which is near about ₹130. It’s important to keep in mind that not all McDonald’s outlets provide the large fry choice.

You should prepare to pay a little bit more for McDonald’s French fries in India than you would for ordinary fries. A small plate of MCD French fries costs ₹65 in India, while a medium portion costs ₹95.


People have some questions related to McDonald’s French Fries, Which is given below with answers.

(1) Does McDonalds serve french fries?

Yes, McDonald’s serves French fries at all its outlets across India. French fries are one of the most popular items on the McDonald’s India menu.

(2) How much is a Medium French Fries at McDonald’s India?

The price of a Medium French Fries at McDonald’s in India is typically between Rs.90 to Rs.110 based on location and ongoing offers.

(3) What is the price of McDonalds Peri Peri French Fries?

The McDonald’s Piri Piri fries are priced between Rs.120 to Rs.135 in India. offer a spicy twist to the classic fries with piri piri seasoning. It makes for an occasional indulgence for spicy food lovers.

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