Do you want to see Mio Amore Cake Price List, then you have come to the right place. Here Mio Amore birthday cake price is shown with photo.

Mio Amore Cake Price List 2024 | Birthday Cake With Photo

Mio Amore is a cake brand from Kolkata. More than 100 excellent cakes are available in their menu. If we want, we can also get our custom cake made by the brand.

Most of the people want to know the price of all their cakes through Mio Amore Menu before purchasing the cake. If you are also one of those people then this information is for you.

Here we have given the price list of birthday cake and all other cakes, along with photos for further assistance.

Mio Amore Cake Price List 2024

Mio Amore brand offers 3 main types of cakes to their customers.

In the first type of ready cakes, we get cakes useful for most of the people. Like Black Forest, White Forest, Butterscotch, Chocolate Cake etc. In the second type, Made To Order, we get cakes with specific design and artwork. Like number art, photo print design, sports design etc.

Thirdly, according to the brand, they also provide the facility of Custom Cake. In which we can make cakes based on the photo given by us. For example, if it is your wife’s birthday, her photo will be printed on the cake. Apart from photos, the brand also offers Dream Shape cake designs.

Here we have explained the complete Mio Amore Cake Price List keeping in mind the three types mentioned above.

(1) Mio Amore Ready To Go Cake Price

Photo Cake Menu Price
Mio Amore Marble Mania Marble Mania 190g ₹185
Rich Dutch Chocolate Rich Dutch Chocolate 400g ₹265
Butterscotch Junior Cake Butterscotch Junior 400g ₹280
Marble Square Cake Marble Square 500g ₹285
Mio Amore Mango Samoa Mango Samoa 375g ₹320
Choco Floral Cake Choco Floral 500g ₹330
Strawberry Cake Strawberry Cake 450g ₹330
Black Forest Junior Black Forest Jr 350g ₹335
Kesar Pista Cake Kesar Pista 550g ₹350
Choco Feather Choco Feather 500g ₹370
Butterscotch (Eggless) Butterscotch (Eggless) 550g ₹385
Superhero Cake Superhero Cake 700g ₹385
Almond Honey Almond Honey 600g ₹390
Red Velvet Cake Red Velvet 400g ₹400
Chocolate Heart Chocolate Heart 700g ₹400
Chocolate Round Chocolate Round 500g ₹430
Choco Espresso Choco Espresso 500g ₹450
Mio Amore Black Forest Black Forest 500g ₹470
Choco Blossom Choco Blossom 800g ₹495
Mio Amore White Forest White Forest (Eggless) 500g ₹495
Choco Fantasy Choco Fantasy 800g ₹495
Choco Rosalia Choco Rosalia 500g ₹495
Chocolate Heart Cake Chocolate Heart 1.1kg ₹700
Choco Feather (Eggless) Choco Feather (Eggless) 1kg ₹770
Dual Forest Cake Dual Forest 1kg ₹900
Butterscotch Two Tier Butterscotch Two Tier ₹1000
Chocolate Two Tier Chocolate Two Tier ₹1000

(2) Mio Amore Made To Order Cake Price

Photo Cake Menu Price
Love Potion Love Potion 1kg ₹750
Number Magic Number Magic 1kg ₹850
Grand Prix Central Grand Prix Central ₹900
Wheelie Fun Wheelie Fun 1.2kg ₹910
Ambrosia Cake Ambrosia Cake 1kg ₹950
Magical Alphabet Magical Alphabet 1kg ₹990
Funny Bunny Funny Bunny 1.2kg ₹1020
Mighty Lion Mighty Lion 1.2kg ₹1020
Top Cherry Cake Top Cherry 1kg ₹1100
Dark Indulgence Dark Indulgence 1kg ₹1100
Heart Matter Heart Matter 1.5kg ₹1650
Mio Amore Fun School Fun School 1.5kg ₹1275
Choco Berry Choco Berry 1kg ₹1100
Wondrous Vroom Wondrous Vroom 1.5kg ₹1125
Divine Indulgence Divine Indulgence 1.5kg ₹1125
Roaring Rainforest Roaring Rainforest 1.5kg ₹1125
Joy Ride Cake Joy Ride 1.5kg ₹1135
Football Mania Football Mania 1.5kg ₹1275
Garden Gala Garden Gala 1.5kg ₹1275
Splish Splash Splish Splash 1.5kg ₹1275
Heart's Delight Cake Heart’s Delight 1.5kg ₹1275
Mio Amore Mango Muse Mango Muse 1kg ₹1400
Rosogulla Cake Rosogulla Cake 1kg ₹1400
Jungle Wonder Jungle Wonder 1.5kg ₹1650
Doraemon Cake Doraemon Cake 1.5kg ₹1650
Starry Party Kids Cake Starry Party 1.5kg ₹2400
Frosted Fairyland Frosted Fairyland 3kg ₹3300
Fancy Fiesta Fancy Fiesta 3kg ₹3350
Lavendar Cake Lavendar Cake 3kg ₹4200
Petals And Pearls Petals Pearls 3kg ₹4800

(3) Mio Amore Pastries Price List

Pastries Name Price
Choco Classic (Eggless) ₹30
Red Velvet (Eggless) ₹50
Chocolate Hazel Nut Pastry ₹35
Choco Chips Pastry ₹28
Strawberry Pastry ₹25
Mango Pastry ₹32
Choco Smoothie Pastry ₹45
Choco Crunch Pastry ₹26
Black Forest Supreme Pastry ₹42
Chocolate Excess Pastry ₹30
Butterscotch Pastry ₹28

(4) Mio Amore Veg Savories Price

Savories (Veg) Price
Cheese Sandwich ₹35
Mishtisukh ₹18
Paneer Tikka Masala Roll ₹44
Paneer Puff ₹18
Cheese Corn Roll ₹22
Vegetable Patties ₹20
Vegetable Burger ₹35

(5) Mio Amore Non-Veg Savories List

Savories (Non-Veg) Price
Chicken Singara ₹18
Chicken Sausage Roll ₹28
Chicken 65 Roll ₹48
Chicken Patties ₹26
Chicken Sandwich ₹40
Chicken Internet 5G ₹35
Chunky Chicken Burger ₹55
Chicken Tikka Pizza ₹46
Fish Chop ₹18
Chicken Claws ₹50
Chicken Olive Sub ₹50

(6) Mio Amore Cold Desserts Menu

Cold Desserts Price
Choco Vanilla Mousse (Eggless) ₹50
Almond Fudge Brownie (Eggless) ₹45
Brownie Candy ₹55
Choco Volcano ₹45

(7) Mio Amore Cakes & Muffins Price

Cakes And Muffins Price
Choco Chips Muffin (Eggless) ₹20
Rich Fruit Cake ₹175
Madeira Slice Cake ₹18
Plain Butter Cake ₹140
Choco Chips Cranberry Muffin ₹36
Date Walnut Slice ₹22
Fruit Slice Cake ₹22
Crown Cake ₹18

(8) Mio Amore Cookies And Sweets

Cookies & Sweets Price
Cashewnut Cookies ₹60
Chocolate Cookies ₹60
Vanilla Cookies (140 Gms) ₹50
Salted Cookies (150 Gms) ₹50
Chocolate Fudge Cookies (150 Gms) ₹80
Choco Vanilla Cookies (150 Gms) ₹60
Multigrain Cookies (150 Gms) ₹80
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ₹70
Shrewburry Cookies (150 Gms) ₹80
Fruit & Nut cookies ₹70
Kaju Barfi ₹15
Kheer Gaja ₹25
Ghee Laddoo ₹15

Cakes from Mio Amore are a real treat for any celebration. With the help of our Mio Amore Cake Price List and Menu, picking the ideal cake to complement your celebrations will be simple.

Regardless of whether you enjoy traditional flavors of fruits, want something unique or have dietary limitations. A cake to suit your taste is available at Mio Amore Cake List.

Please keep in mind that the prices listed in the Mio Amore Menu List are simply suggestions and are liable to change. To place your order and see the most recent pricing information. You can check their official website or go to the Mio Amore store that is closest to you.


Here are some important questions and answers, Which is related to Mio Amore Cakes.

(1) What is the price of mio amore red velvet cake?

You can buy Mio Amore Red Velvet Cake at just Rs.400 from their main cake store. At this price you will get a quantity of 400 gram cake.

(2) Which is the best mio amore cakes for birthday?

For the birthday celebration, I could suggest you to go for these 3 cakes.

(3) Mio amore cakes are better than Monginis?

Both brands are better in their main places, according to customer preference. But if you are from north india or kolkata, Then definitely you should try mio amore cake.

(4) Which mio amore cake price is 200?

Under Rs.200, The marble mania cake is the best from mio amore brand.

Hopefully you get good information on Mio Amore Cake Price List. See you in the next post, till then take care.

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