450+ Best Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram & FB 2024

150+ Best Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram & FB 2023

अधिकांश लोग अपने जीवन में कपल बनते है। जिसमे से कही लोग इंस्टाग्राम या फेसबुक पर अपने Couple Photo पोस्ट करते है। ऐसे में हमें उन्हें शुभकामना देने के लिए Best Comments For Couple चाहिए होते है।

450+ Best Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram & FB 2024

कपल्स के फोटो पर आप कही तरह के कमैंट्स कर सकते है। जैसे,

  • शुभकामना वाले
  • तारीफ़ के कमेंट
  • यूनिक कमेंट
  • फनी स्टाइल कमेंट
  • कुछ अच्छी बातें

हमने इन सभी प्रकार के कमैंट्स को अच्छे से समझा। अंत में आपके लिए 450 से ज्यादा बेहतरीन कपल कमैंट्स की लिस्ट तैयार की है।

450+ Best Comments For Couple Pic

अगर आप कपल फोटो पर अन्य लोगो की तुलना में सबसे अच्छा कमेंट करना चाहते है। तो कुछ महत्वपूर्ण बातों को जरूर ध्यान में रखे।

  • कपल्स फोटो पर अपमानजनक या गलत शब्दों का प्रयोग न करे।
  • इंस्टाग्राम कमेंट में कुछ ऐसा ना लिखे, जिनसे उन्हें बुरा लगे।
  • बेहतरीन कमेंट के लिए कुछ अनोखा और यूनिक लिखे।
  • यहाँ बताये कमैंट्स अधिकांश कपल को अच्छे लगते है।
  • लिस्ट में दर्शाये कमेंट को सीधा Copy & Paste कर सकते है।

नोट : बस इन सामान्य बातों को ध्यान में रखे और कपल को खुश कर देने वाला एक अच्छा कमेंट लिखे।

(1) Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram

Aww, you two look so in love !
This is what true love looks like.
The perfect match made in heaven !
Two gems are attached beautifully with a string.
You two are just too cute !
You guys are looking so cute, seriously very cute.
You both look so happy together !
Feeling so glad you’re with your life partner now.
The love between you is so obvious !
One of the best couple profiles to follow on Instagram.
Such a beautiful couple on instagram !
Just look at those smiles. How bright it is.
You both are glowing in this picture !
It is lovely to see you both together.
Love is a beautiful thing and you both have found it !
You both make love look so easy and effortless.

(2) Comments For Couple Pic On Facebook

I can see the love and happiness in your eyes !
Your love is an inspiration to us all.
You two are such a great match !
You both are the perfect example of love and commitment.
You both are so lucky to have each other !
May your love last forever and ever.
Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness !
You both are truly blessed to have each other.
Keep loving each other as you do now !
You both are so beautiful together.
I can feel the love radiating from this picture !
My favorite couple, Blessings for you both.
The chemistry between you two is just amazing !
Yes, that’s what you call true love.
The love between you two is pure and genuine !
This picture is a reminder that true love exists.

(3) Comments For Newly Married Couples

Best wishes for a new phase of life !
You both are the perfect match for each other.
Thanks for defining the meaning of true love !
I am so happy to see that you both are together.
God bless you, two beautiful souls, always !
You both have such a strong bond of love.
Sending lots of love and wishes to you both !
I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
Feeling great to see you both married, finally !
Your love is a blessing to this world.
Seems like Romeo and Juliet got married, in the end !
This picture is a beautiful representation.
Congratulations to both awesome people !
You both have such a beautiful and strong relationship.
May your love story be one of the greatest ever told !
Best wishes for the new journey in life.

(4) Best Comments For Couple Pic

You two are the definition of relationship goals !
This picture is a symbol of true love.
Couple of the year award goes to you two !
You both are lucky to have found each other.
Your love for each other is truly inspiring !
This picture captures your love perfectly.
The way you two look at each other is pure magic !
Your love is the kind that lasts a lifetime.
Love is a beautiful thing, and you both radiate it !
You both are so lucky to have each other.
Your love for each other is evident in this photo !
You two are so natural & amazing together.
You both are living proof that true love still exists !
I’m confused. Am I more jealous or happier for you?
Your love story is like a fairytale come true !

(5) Good Comments For Couple Photo

Wow…This is what true love looks like !
The cutest couple ever i seen in my life.
You two are a picture-perfect couple !
I never seen this type of humble couple.
This is what true happiness of love looks like !
You both are so humble and down to earth.
I can see the love and affection in your eyes !
A beautiful couple with a beautiful future ahead.
A beautiful photo of a beautiful couple !
Your love for each other is simply beautiful.
You both look so natural and comfortable with each other !
You guys are the definition of a power couple.
You two are a true testament to the power of love !
You both look so stunning in this photo.
Love is in the air and it looks amazing !

(6) Cute Comments For Couple Pic

No can beat you two in cutest couple competition !
Wow….The cutest couple of the year.
Can you two get any cuter?
You guys are looking so cute, seriously very cute.
You two make my heart so happy !
The cutest couple on Instagram, as I know.
This is the cutest photo I’ve seen today !
So nice to see a beautiful couple like this.
You both make love look so effortless !
This photo is so cute and full of love.
This photo is everything I love about love !
You two are a beautiful couple inside and out.
This photo is the epitome of love and happiness !
I can’t get enough of this adorable photo.
My heart is bursting with love looking at this photo !

(7) One Word Comments For Couple

Adorable Beautiful
Stunning Romantic
Perfect Lovely
Cutest Sweet
Gorgeous Dreamy
Magical Happy
Fantastic Breathtaking
Awesome Amazing
Soulmate Excellent
Feelings Outstanding
Family Grateful
Radiant Joyful
Elegant Graceful
Dazzling Heartfelt
Unforgettable Flawless

(8) Short Comments For Beautiful Couple

A match made in heaven !
Lovebirds forever
Made for each other !
Picture-perfect couple
Two hearts beating as one !
The epitome of love
The ultimate power couple !
Picture of happiness
Sweethearts in love !
Soulmates for life
A true love story !
Relationship goals
Two hearts united as one !
The perfect pair
The couple that everyone envies !
A love that never fades
United in love !

(9) Funny Comments For Couple Pic

Ohh…finally married and our friend will crazy !
Thank you for making me laugh.
Looks like someone found their lobster !
Your makeup looks inspire me.
someone finally found their missing puzzle piece !
Your life is going to be a mess.
You guys look so good, you must be illegal !
You guys are giving me major relationship envy.
You two are the perfect blend of cute and hilarious !
So now you can say that she’s officially yours, Good job.
Make way for the new couple in the house !
From fantasy to reality, you guys proved love is real.
You guys are the cutest couple on the planet !
You guys are making me want to sing love songs all day.
You guys are like a real life rom-com !

(10) Comments For Couple Photo In Hindi

Aap dono ko saath dekh kar behad khushi hui !
Beautiful….Bahut kam logo ki itni achhi jodi banti hai.
Aap dono sath me achhe dikhte ho !
Lagta he dono pyar me pagal ho gaye hai.
Aapka sachha pyaar photo me saaf najar aa raha hai !
Aap dono ki jodi bahut sundar hai.
Aap dono ki jodi hamesha saath rahe !
Sach kahu….Aap dono ek dusre ke liye hi bane ho.
Zindagi ke har chadhaav utaar me aap hamesha saath rahe !
Bade naseebdar ho, varna yaha to har koi ro raha hai.
Toh shaadi kab kar rahe ho? Mujhe bulana jarur !
Kabhi ek-dusre se alag mat hona, God bless you.
Ab itna achha life partner mila hai, Toh party chahiye !
Aapke chehre par bahut jyada khushi najar aa rahi hai.

कपल फोटो में कमेंट करने की विशेष सलाह

  • किसी भी कपल को स्वस्छ और साफ़ कमेंट ज्यादा पसंद आते है।
  • आप भी बिलकुल उनकी पसंद अनुसार का ही कमेंट करे।
  • कमेंट में कोशिश करे की तारीफ़ के साथ उन्हें रेस्पेक्ट मिले।
  • यदि आप उनके जानकर है तो फनी कमेंट भी कर सकते है।
  • याद रखे आपके शब्दों से किसी को दुःख नहीं होना चाहिए।

आशा करता हु कमैंट्स फॉर कपल की अच्छी लिस्ट बनाने में सफल रहा हु। मिलते है अपनी नेक्स्ट पोस्ट में तब तक टेक केयर।

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