With the help of Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes you can elevate your game experience. Codes will help you to unlock many premium things in the game.

Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes List (March 2024)

Indian Bike Driving 3D is a popular mobile racing game that allows players to experience driving motorbikes through Indian streets and highways. The game is renowned for its best mechanics and finely detailed graphics that accurately depict India’s hectic traffic.

For new players, mastering the game might be difficult. Cheat codes come in handy in this situation. Players can use cheats like limitless nitro boosts, no traffic, invincibility and super speed by pressing a certain combination of buttons.

Cheat codes reduce the challenge while also making the game easier. So it is best to utilize them sparingly to advance through challenging levels. Overall, cheats offer to gamers who find the original game too difficult.

100+ Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes List

For a better choice here we are given to you 100+ various kind of cheat codes list. That will enhance your game experience and you could earn free rewards.

So, first of all check out some new codes !

Bike/Car Model Code
Yamaha Vmax 999
Yamaha FZ10 888
Yamaha R15 0015
Ducati Diavel 777
Banneli TNT 666
Plane FLY 555
Scorpio S11 444
Scorpio Classic 333
Fortuner 1000
Rolls Royce 2000
Tron Bike 6000
Duke 1290 8888
Duke 200 7777
Range Rover 6666
Ghost Rider Bike 5555
Bugatti Chiron 4444
Bugatti v2 800
ZX10R Bike 400
Koeigness 900
Audi Car 500
DOG 600
Cycle 1111
MoreNpc 12345
More Traffic Car 54321
Lamborghini 3333
Lamborghini v2 700
Activa 4G 0000
Fuel Tank 00
Gas Tank 0
Bag 200
Tatto Skin 002
Kawasaki Ninja H2R 3000
Pulsar RS200 5000
Hayabhusa 7000
Helicopter 8000
Splendor 9000
THAR 9090
Royal Enfield Bullet 9999
ATV 2222
New KTM 1190
KTM Bike 1210
Duke Bike 4215
Pulsar 1211
Super Jump 1215
Ultra Super Jump 1216
Infinity Health 9129
Moon Gravity 7112
Slow Motion 1112
Skyfall 1120

Note : We are trying to provide you 100% working and active codes. That’s why the list is regularly updated, But few chances might be that some codes are not working.

Indian Bike Driving 3D Game Codes List For Bike

Bike Model Cheat Code
Activa Scooty 6G 0000
Royal Enfield Bullet 9999
Hero Splendor 9000
Yamaha R15 0015
Latest KTM Model 1190
Duke Bike 4215
Standard KTM 1210
Ghost Raider (Avenger) 5555
Brand New Hayabusa 7000
Kawasaki Ninja H2R 3000
Latest Model Splendor 1211
Pulsar Bike 5000
Tron Bike 6000

Indian Bike Driving Game Cheat Codes List For Car

Car Model Cheat Code
Bugatti Chiron 4442
Range Rover 6666
Mahindra Thar 9090
Brand New Car 2222
Wagonr Car 1190
Rolls-Royce 4000
Fortuner 1000
Lamborghini 3333
Monster Police 0100
Monster Fortune 01000

Indian Bikes Driving 3D Jump, Health And Reward Codes

Cheat Reward Cheat Code
Super Jump 1215
Ultra Super Jump 1216
Infinity Health 9129
Skyfall 1120
Slow-Motion 1112
Moon Gravity 7112
Gas Tank 0

Indian Bike Driving Cheat Codes For Monster Trucks

Truck Name Code
Monster Truck 09090
Monster Lambo 0700
Monster Police 0101
Monster Bugatti 0900

Other Useful Cheat Codes List For Bike Driving Game

Rewards Code
Aeroplane 555
Airplane 555
Helicopter 8000
Train 1212
For Boy 1
For Girl 2
Extra Bag 200

How To Redeem Indian Bike Driving 3D Game Cheat Code

If you want to redeem cheat code in indian bike driving game, Then you could follow below given step by step process.

Magic, Now you can enjoy the extra benefits from indian bike driving 3d game.


Here is some important questions answer related to indian bike driving game.

(1) What is the cheat code for a Lamborghini in Indian Bike Driving 3D?

Many game lovers are interested to know cheat code for Lamborghini in Indian Bike Driving game. So most of the time working code is 3333.

(2) How do I unlock all the cheat codes in Indian Bike Driving 3D?

Launching the game, going to the in-game mobile interface, and entering the codes in the phone dialer will enable cheat codes.

(3) Are there any cheat code for Rolls Royce car in the game?

In Indian Bike Driving 3D game, the official cheat code for Rolls Royce vehicles is 4000. The “Rolls Royce Phantom Challenge” must be successfully completed in order to unlock the Phantom.

Hopefully you liked the list of Indian Bike Driving 3D game cheat codes. If yes, then please share this post with all your gamer friends.

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