The PNB bank has a total amount of ₹5,340 crore in PNB unclaimed deposits list. These deposits are sums of money that have been sitting in bank accounts for more than 10 years without being touched.

PNB Unclaimed Deposits List 2024 | Full PDF List With Form

The latest list of unclaimed deposits for 2024 was just released by PNB. According to RBI regulations, banks are required to periodically post a list of accounts that have been inactive for ten years or longer on their websites.

The goal is to make it possible for account holders to locate and submit claims for pending accounts. Over ₹5,300 crores in unclaimed are now held by PNB, at a number of branches across the nation.

Saving bank accounts, matured term deposits, inactive current accounts, etc. are all among the unclaimed funds. If there are any unclaimed accounts, customers can discover by visiting their local bank or the PNB website.

The unclaimed funds would be given to the RBI if they weren’t claimed within the allotted time. This emphasizes how crucial it is to consistently check your accounts.

PNB Unclaimed Deposits List 2024

Here is the necessary information about PNB unclaimed money.

Bank Name Punjab National Bank
Unclaimed Deposits ₹5,340 Crores
Official Website
Inactive Years Past 10 Year
Process Level Easy To Medium
Main Purpose Promoting financial literacy and awareness among depositors

5 Simple Steps To Check PNB Unclaimed Deposits List

Nowadays process are very simple, You can check unclaimed deposits list on the PNB website.

(1) Visit The Website

Click on below given PNB official website, From this link you could reach Inoperative Accounts List.

(2) Fill The Details

Steps To Check PNB Unclaimed Deposits List

Now follow the simple instructions and fill the blanks.

(3) Find Your Name

Next, the full list will appear on your screen, according to your given name and address details. Now you need to just find out your or family member name.

(4) Visit The Branch

If you get success in finding your name, Then you should definitely visit to the nearest branch of PNB.

(5) Follow The Procedure

Now the bank will ask to complete the main 2 procedure.

With the help of unclaimed deposit claim form you can reactivate your account and withdraw the money. KYC is for the customer’s new and latest data collection.

Documents Required To Claim PNB Unclaimed Deposits

With main form you need some important documents to attach.

How To Claim Unclaimed Deposits

If you find your name in the PNB unclaimed deposits list, you can claim your money in 3 ways.

  1. Claim By Self – Customers may visit a Bank branch with a request letter (in the prescribed format) and valid identification, address, and most recent photo submissions. Following verification by the same branch, the account will be converted to the operational category and transactions will be permitted.
  2. Claim By Legal Heir Or Nominee – The Legal Heir/Nominee may visit a Bank office to submit the necessary paperwork for the claim process. They must also abide by the Bank’s claim settlement procedures.
  3. Claim By Non-Individual – The customer must submit the Claim Form on the company’s, firm’s, or institution’s letterhead. Fully signed by the authorized signatories, together with their legitimate identity and address documents, in order to claim non-individual accounts. Additionally, the customer can be asked to supply any other documentation that the Bank may need.

PNB Policy Guidelines For Inoperative Account (10+ Year)

Punjab national bank has some important policy for unclaimed deposits, You should know this.

PNB Unclaimed Deposits PDF Form

For your ease here we are providing a pdf file for unclaimed deposits.

PNB Unclaimed Deposits Form

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PNB Unclaimed Deposits List PDF

PNB Housing site has provided a complete list of unclaimed deposits. You can check this list for your name.

Here you can download details of unclaimed deposits and dividend by year wise.


Here are 3 frequently asked questions on PNB Unclaimed Deposits.

(1) How can I check if I have any unclaimed deposit with PNB?

You can check the list of unclaimed deposits published on the PNB website. Search by name to find if you have any inactive account. You can also visit your home branch and inquire with the staff.

(2) What is the time period after which an account is classified as unclaimed?

As per RBI guidelines, if there are no customer-induced transactions in an account for 10 years, it is classified as unclaimed by the bank. The 10 year period is calculated from the date of the last transaction.

(3) What happens if I don’t claim my unclaimed PNB account?

If you fail to make a claim within 10 years of being classified as unclaimed, the deposit amount will be transferred by PNB to the RBI. Hence it is important to check periodically and reactivate your inactive accounts within the stipulated period.

Hopefully i informed you everything related to PNB unclaimed deposits. Please share this valuable information with your friends.

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